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Ideal Wine Company are buyers and sellers of luxury drinks from around the world, based in Knightsbridge, London. Whether you want to buy your luxury drinks for collecting or drinking we can cater to meet your needs.

Ideal Wine Company also sells luxury drinks for special occasions and offer a home delivery service or bonded warehouse delivery. For interesting wine and luxury drink news check out the Ideal Wine Company blog.

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Just some of the best wines to choose for Christmas 2018

Christmas is all about choosing the tastiest food, the fanciest presents and, of course, the best wines. Whether you’re looking forward to a quiet, restrained festive period, or you plan to be partying December away, here are just some of good wines available to help you on your way.   Best wines at a bargain […]

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What are the most expensive red wines in the world?

While most of us think of buying wine as a weekly treat for a dinner party or cosy night in, some people spend a fortune on the perfect bottle. Fine wines are one of the highest performing luxury assets, according to Knight Frank’s Luxury Investment Index for 2017. The index shows that wine outranks art, […]

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The best wines for cooking your favourite food

The most useful tip for choosing the best wines to cook with is to never select one you wouldn’t put in your glass. If you wouldn’t drink it, then don’t cook with it! Wine is pretty much indispensable when it comes to cooking. It adds depth and richness to dishes that can’t be achieved using […]

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Drinking wine can be a wonderful experience. Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind when drinking fine wine is that it’s a living thing that changes over time. The best wines usually go through several phases and reveal their true nature with age.

See that you have appropriately prepped your wine so that it is the proper temperature for drinking. There are varying opinions for what the temperature should be but as a rule of thumb: if it is white, chill the bottle for a few hours before drinking, if it is red serve at room temperature.

At Ideal Wine Company we can arrange delivery of your wine straight to your doorstep. Please see Delivery info on our main website for time and pricing.

Please note that VAT will be included in the price of wine delivered to UK addresses. In addition to this home deliveries outside the UK may include import duty and delivery charges may vary. For further information please call 0203 409 9160 or e-mail Info@idealwinecompany.com.

When buying wine from you, we will endeavour to make the process as easy and effective as we can. We believe a good wine merchant offers a good quality product at a fair price. We encourage our customers to store their wine in their own personal bonded warehouse account and to research the product, price and company that they deal with.

We aim to be available for our customers at hours suitable for them.