Customer Review Guidelines

At Ideal Wine Company we want to hear from you and you can do so with our review service. Whether you wish to provide us with a favourable or unfavourable review, we encourage you to share your opinions and help us streamline the service we provide to benefit customers who come to Ideal Wine Company.

It’s quite simple to supply us with your testimony. All you need to do is access our review page, follow the instructions and provide us with a written review, which you can then submit to Ideal Wine Company.


Ideal Wine Company Review Policy

As a customer with Ideal Wine Company, we encourage you to review our service which we will then take into account to strengthen and improve the service we provide. If you choose to do so, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines.


Review Writing Tips

  • Specify: We cannot address any concerns if that concern is not specifically stated. Please be as precise as possible so that we know how to adequately address any concerns you may have.
  • Length: In order to maximise productivity and ensure your review is taken into account as efficiently as possible, we ask that that write reviews of more than 20 words and less than 5,000 words.
  • Expand: Please include why you may have liked or disliked the service/product that we have provided you with. A full account allows us to fully address the content of your review and use it to inform the service we provide.
  • Full Disclosure: To ensure we have an accurate understanding of the content of your review, we ask for full disclosure. For example, if you have received you product/service as part of a promotion, please inform us so that we can factor this into the action we take as a result of your review.


Review Guidelines

Whilst Ideal Wine Company appreciates the time and effort you have taken to provide us with your review, there is certain content we ask you to refrain from submitting, and we reserve the right to remove your review if it includes objectionable content, promotional material, inappropriate content or information that doesn’t relate to the review.

At Ideal Wine Company we value your review and we look forward to hearing from you either what we are doing correctly or how we can improve the service we provide.

You can leave a review of our service/products by posting a comment in the comments section below: