How to make the perfect Mimosa

In the runup to the summer months, cocktails are coming back in full swing. Some of the most iconic cocktails also have the simplest recipes – easy to follow so you have more time to sit and relax! Ideal Wine Company discovers the trick to making a perfect Mimosa for the upcoming summer months.

Ideal Wine Company mimosa
Making the perfect Mimosa.

A bit of background

A Mimosa is one of the most popular cocktails, with citrus tones it is a refreshing summer drink to enjoy with family or friends! It is traditionally served in a tall champagne flute at brunch, and is composed of equal parts of champagne (or an alternative sparkling wine) and a chilled citrus juice. It was believed to have been invented in 1925 in the Hôtel Ritz Paris by Frank Meier. It is thought to be named after the common name in Europe for the yellow flowers of Acacia Dealbata. Similar to a Mimosa, Buck’s Fizz is a variation made with twice as much champagne to orange juice.

The recipe

If you have the time, using freshly squeezed orange juice will leave a lighter, tarty flavour on your palate. It is more delicate than shop bought orange juice which means it makes your Mimosa more enjoyable and tasty!

A classic Mimosa recipe uses equal parts sparkling wine to orange juice, this is the perfect ratio for this tasty cocktail. However, if you are making Mimosas for a party or large group of friends, using less wine will make sure you get maximum usage whilst saving too. An alternative to save on wine but still get enough of an alcohol to juice ratio, is to add a splash of orange liqueur.

When making a Mimosa, the number one rule is to always pour the sparkling wine first before topping with the orange juice. By doing this it ensures that the cocktail has the chance to mix together on its own, which avoids a sticky mess at the top if the glass! There is no need to stir the cocktail either as this will cause the wine to become flat.

Top tips

A top tip for making a Mimosa is to use a dry sparkling wine rather than a sweet one. Spending around £10 on a sparkling wine is advised for a good quality; as well as this using Cava from Spain is an affordable choice. Alternatively, a dry Prosecco is a great option for a Mimosa if Cava isn’t your drink of choice. Another top tip is not to go too cheap in your choice of sparkling wine, this won’t help your drink have delicious taste it should.

A key tip when making a Mimosa is to never serve it warm, the wine and orange juice should be kept refrigerated until they are ready to be served. After pouring the first round, place back in the fridge to keep them chilled and fresh.

Stocking up

If you fancy spending your weekends making delicious Mimosas ready for the summer months, why not visit the Ideal Wine Company Champagne section. Or alternatively Prosecco from the Burke’s Peerage Selection.

The Bellini: a cocktail classic

The Bellini is an Italian classic is popular among those that prefer to diverge from a Mimosa, swapping zesty orange flavours for a sweeter peach flavour.

The recipe for a Bellini originates from Venice, Italy. The sweet treat is as simple as two parts Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) to one part peach puree. A hint of raspberry or cranberry juice can be added giving the drink its unique pink tint. Created in the 1930s-40s by bartender Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry’s Bar in Venice, it was named after the Italian renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini.


Since the perfection of the original recipe, there have been many variations. This is predominantly due to the availability of the products used, however bottled peach puree made specifically for a Bellini can be purchased. Alternatively, a homemade puree can be concocted using canned fruit.


The recipe for a Bellini is as simple as two steps:

  • First put one tablespoon of peach puree into the bottom of a chilled flute glass
  • Secondly, slowly fill the glass up with Prosecco so that it stirs up the puree

If, by chance, you do not have access to peaches and raspberries to puree, below is a version using all bottled/canned ingredients – this version will have a higher alcohol content than the original version:

  • Firstly, mix two ounces of peach nectar, one ounce of peach schnapps and finally one teaspoon of lemon juice into a chilled flute glass
  • To finish, add the Prosecco and stir

Mocktail, anyone?

For those that fancy something refreshing and tasty but don’t want the hassle of a morning hangover, this ‘Mocktail’ Bellini is a perfect fit. Using one tablespoon of peach puree, one ounce of mineral water and half an ounce of lemon juice and sparkling white grape juice. Just as simple as the original, this three-step recipe will taste just as delicious.

  • Firstly, put peach puree in the bottom of a champagne flute
  • Secondly, squeeze in the lemon juice.
  • Finally, slowly pour in the mineral water and grape juice leaving the drink to stir

A seasonal drink

The Bellini is delicate and light drink with accentuating sweet tones – perfect for spring and summer months. This drink can be enjoyed in the sun with friends, making it perfect for an afternoon party – your guests can accompany it with appetizers for a light snack. You can buy Pizzolato Spumante Prosecco online now from Ideal Wine Company, perfect for making a Bellini.

Frosé cocktail trend boosts UK Rosé wine sales

The Frosé cocktail has become this summer’s biggest drinks trend. Rosé wine sales hit new heights throughout summer 2016, powered by the popularisation of these cocktails, new reports confirm.

Summer wine

Light and refreshing, Rosé is the wine of the summer. Boasting rich, fruity flavours, Rosé is perfect for a hot summer’s day while if you’re celebrating a special occasion, you can indulge in some summer luxury by splashing out on Rosé Champagne. Top Rosé Champagnes such as the Dom Perignon Rosé 1996, which you can buy from the Ideal Wine Company, can turn any summer party into a real occasion! Continue reading “Frosé cocktail trend boosts UK Rosé wine sales”

How to Make Blood Red Sangria

Halloween is a magical time of year where parents hang cobwebs from the rafters, adults dress up as vampires, witches and ghouls, and everybody embraces the supernatural, if only for a night. If you want to ring in this fabulous holiday with style, you might want to think about whipping up a few special drinks, like Pomegranate Champagne cocktails! The Ideal Wine Company explains how.

Let’s party!

But what about if you’re throwing a Halloween party? If you buy a Krug 1988 from the Ideal Wine Company, you might not want to share it with everyone else! No, what you need is a Halloween-inspired tipple you can use to supply an entire soiree with spooky drinks all night long!

Red Wine Sangria

Instead, you might want to make Red Wine Sangria. One of Spain’s most celebrated beverages, Red Wine Sangria is a light, fruity holiday drink. It’s really easy to make, you can whip up enough of it for room full of people and best of all, it has that distinctive ruby-shade you need to add a touch of the supernatural to your bash!

You already know how to make Red Wine Sangria. You’ll need some fruit wedges, two tablespoons of sugar, a shot of brandy, two cups of lemonade, and a bottle of red wine. May we suggest you buy the Clos Saint Denis 1996 for the occasion? You should pour the wine into a pitcher, squeeze in the fruit juice then add the wedges, sugar, brandy, and lemonade to make the drink.

Blood Red Sangria

But why make a Red Wine Sangria when you can go the whole hog and whip up some Blood Red Sangria for your Halloween party this year? You’ll need a bottle of red wine (obviously), two cups of lemonade, a shot of cognac, three tablespoons of honey, four sliced figs, ice, half a cup of red grapes and half a cup of pitted cherries.

Once you’ve gathered together all the ingredients, start by putting the fruit in a large bowl, adding the honey and cognac, and then stirring until the honey is dissolved. After that you should pour in the red wine, gently stir and place the drink in the fridge overnight. The next day you should stir in the lemonade and pour the mixture into pitchers filled with ice, ready to serve on 31st October!

How to Make Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails 

If you’re looking for a few new Halloween-inspired cocktail recipes, you might want to stick around. The Ideal Wine Company explains how to make Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails.

Ready for Halloween

You may grow up, but you never grow out of Halloween. This is the one day of the year where you can forget that you’re an adult, dive into the dressing up box and embrace everything spooky. If you want to celebrate the holiday in style, you need to find a way to turn the mundane into the mysterious.

Take the average Champagne cocktail for example. If you use the awesome power of the pomegranate, you can transform this heavenly tipple into a blood-red concoction that’ll help you get into the spirit of All Hallows Eve. So how do you make a Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail?

What you need

It’s actually pretty easy to make a Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail, and you won’t need much to do it either. If you want to make enough to serve one person, you’ll need an ounce (two tablespoons) of pomegranate juice, three ounces (six tablespoons) of chilled Champagne, and a teaspoon of pomegranate seeds for decoration.

You should also make sure you have a Champagne flute to hand. As the Ideal Wine Company has previously explained, the shape of a wine glass really does matter. If you serve Champagne in a flute the tipple will truly shine, but if you serve it in a glass with a wider brim it’ll fall flatter than a pancake.

How to make them

You should start by pouring the pomegranate juice (cranberry juice makes a good substitute if you don’t have any pomegranate to hand) into the flute. Then you need to slowly pour the Champagne into the glass and lightly stir. Finally you should drop the pomegranate seeds into the mixture, to add that scary touch you need to transform this drink into the perfect cocktail for Halloween.

It’s important to note that the better the Champagne, the better the end cocktail will taste. If you buy the Louis Roederer Cristal 2000 from the Ideal Wine Company, which you can secure today for only £180, you’ll have the luxury vintage you need to create a stunning blood-red cocktail for All Hallows Eve!