Looking for the best barbecue wines? We’ve got you covered

This year has been a strange one so far thanks to COVID-19, but the sun is finally out. Lockdown is easing and people are gearing up for a hot few months in the UK. Which means it’s barbecue time!

Barbecues are never complete without the ideal drink to go with the food. Ideal Wine Company have come up with wines for just about every barbecue food, from sausages to salads. So, whether you are looking for a red wine to go with your burger or a white wine for your chicken, there’s something ideal for you.

Best barbecue wines for meat dishes

When it comes to matching wines with sausages, you’re looking for the little extras. Look at the spices and herbs in the sausage mix and match your barbecue wine to that.

A shiraz or sauvignon blanc goes well with sage flavoured sausages and pinot noir is ideal for a Cumberland sausage. If your sausage is pork based with leeks or herbs, go for something like a carmenere. And if you are planning to enjoy a rustic Toulouse sausage, a rueda from Spain or pinotage from South Africa will liven up the al fresco treat.

If you include pork chops or steaks in your barbecue menu, then you’re in luck when it comes to wine matching. Pork goes with lots of wines, so choose from syrah, pinot noir, shiraz or Beaujolais. If you want a white wine, then a Chablis is a good bet but if you’re garnishing with apple sauce a Riesling from Germany would work well too.

Steaks are probably the easiest to pair with the ideal barbecue wine. You don’t have to choose a super heavy red wine if you want to keep it lighter due to the weather. Try a Malbec, red zinfandel or primitivo from Southern Italy. Lamb chops also love red grapes like tempranillo or garnacha. Take your pick form merlot, cabernet sauvignon or your favourite rioja.

Best Barbecue wines for fish and chicken dishes

While you might immediately head for white wine with tuna steaks, it works really well with reds too. Go for something that isn’t too oak aged and consider a shiraz, Malbec or carmenere. If you prefer white wine, try an Australian Semillon or vernaccia from Italy. Chicken breasts or kebabs will go with plenty of wines, but particularly well with merlot, Frascati or sangiovese. Take your pick!

Best barbecue wines for salad and vegetable dishes

Any vegetables with a hint of natural sweetness, such as root vegetable or carrots go well with slightly sweet wines. Try a Riesling or vinho verde, for example. Usually, you’ll find white wines work better than reds to go with a big summer salad or light vegetable dish.

If you like to char sweet peppers with your barbecue meat, then they go well with both red and white wines. Match the wine colour with the pepper, so red peppers work best with beaujolais or shiraz. Yellow and green peppers go well with albarino, dry muscat and gewürztraminer whites.