It has to be pink sparklers for the best Valentine’s Day wines

Valentine’s Day is a time for clichés. Whether it’s roses and chocolates or jewellery, nothing complements this holiday better than some pink sparkling wine. And, as it happens, sparkling rosé has never been more popular or varied.

While there are still some inferior versions on the supermarket shelves, there are far more higher quality Valentine’s Day wines out there. If you want to stick to the fine wine end of the market, then there’s always a rosé champagne worth trying. Purists may want to stick with something like LeClerc Briant Brut, but a pink fizz could make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

It’s always best to avoid the cheapest pink sparklers, as these tend to be loaded with overly sweet, fake flavours. But as long as you avoid those at the lowest price points, you’ll find plenty of choice to make your February 14th just right.

Champagne will always make a romantic statement, and it does still have the edge for many people looking for the ideal seductive drink. This is despite the fact that there are plenty of competitors on the market now, not least from increasingly popular English vineyards.

Pink and sparkling – the ideal Valentine’s Day wines

Classic French champagnes are even sweeter, richer and riper than they were just a few years ago, thanks to the climate change affecting weather patterns. You don’t have to stick to the Champagne region, of course. France is packed to the brim with often very decently priced pink sparkling wines. Rosé crémants are always worth trying, as they offer a delicious alternative to Champagne and are guaranteed to be of the same quality.

Whatever pink sparkling wine you choose for the most romantic night of the year, keep it away from sweet foods as it doesn’t work well due to the high acidity level. Always opt for a dry sparkling wine and pair with elegant, savoury food like sushi.

Three pink sparkling wines to try

  1. Billecart-Salmon Rosé Brut, from Champagne, France for an indulgent treat. Priced at around £50 per bottle, it’s a nicely priced sparkling wine to enjoy with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. And while it can be tempting to resist the marketing push of pink wines on Valentine’s Day, at its very best sparkling roses are delicious. This version gives a rich fruitiness thanks to the delicate blend using pinot noir.
  2. Nicolas Courtin Champagne Rosé Brut, France. This is a more unusual pink sparkler, with a dry finish and flavours of orange peel and cranberry. It’s better as a food pairing rather than drinking it as an aperitif and goes beautifully with lightly spicy fish dishes. Perfect for that romantic meal for two.
  3. Edoardo Miroglio, EM Brut Rosé, Nova Zagora. This 2011 vintage is best enjoyed this year or next at the latest. It’s a delicate sparkling wine with lots of freshness and summer berry flavours. Expect a creamy richness balanced with apply acidity.