Is wine beating beer for Brits?

According to information from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), the UK is fast turning into a nation of wine aficionados. Ideal Wine Company reviews the increased popularity of wine.

Wine has now taken over from beer as the most popular alcoholic drink in the country. People across the UK spend £108 million on wine every single week, compared with just £45 million on beer. That equates to 38 million people in the UK choosing wine – around 74 per cent of adults in the country.

This means that each wine drinker spends about £148 per year on wine. And they’re not just kicking back and relaxing with a glass at home in the evening, they’re heading out to drink too. Ten million bottles of wine are sold every month in pubs and bars across the UK.

Ideal Wine Company wine vs beer
Is wine becoming increasingly more popular than beer?

Importing prices are rising

The country’s wine bill is constantly rising as Brexit has force import costs up until the average price of a bottle of wine reached £5.56, an all-time high.

So, despite the fact that we’re just a small island, the UK is the sixth largest market in the world. More than 1.8 billion bottles of wine are imported into the UK every year, which includes one billion from inside the European Union. Only the USA beats our £3billion per year import market, and they have five times our population.

Growth of domestic market

It’s no longer just other country’s wines we’re drinking. The UK is finally a wine making nation in its own right, with vineyards now the fastest food and drink sector in terms of growth in the country. There were 64 brand new vineyards in 2016 alone.

Our wine industry is one of the few benefits of climate change and we’re also benefitting from improved wine growing techniques. We now have 500 vineyards and look likely to catch up with our 1,700 breweries before too long. VAT on the average bottle of UK wine is about £2.80, so the industry is now pouring a decent amount of money (£9.1 billion) into the country’s coffers.

From luxury to every day

There was a time when quaffing Prosecco or a decent red was reserved for meals out or special occasions. Now that it’s possible to buy excellent quality Prosecco in the supermarket for as little as £5.99, it’s perhaps not surprising that people are choosing wine over beer more often and enjoying it at home as a matter of course.

Is our love of wine good for our health?

While drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis is universally considered a bad idea, experts do say that wine in moderation has distinct health benefits.

Some studies suggest that women who are aged over 55 can benefit from drinking five units or less of wine a week. It seems that antioxidants in the wine, including resveratrol and quercetin, could protect against heart disease.

However, it can’t be emphasised enough that moderation is key and no one is suggesting that people knock back a bottle of wine every night!

Introducing the drip-free wine bottle!

For many wine lovers, there’s nothing quite as infuriating as wine dripping from the bottle whilst being poured. But following a new development in the wine industry, that may not be the case anymore (good news for wine lovers!). Gone are the days of wine dripping onto your clothes and your family’s best table cloth – only ever brought out for the most special of occasions – and say hello to a full glass of wine. Ideal Wine Company reveals all!

Ideal Wine Company wine bottle
Drip-free wine bottles are a new phenomenon.

The creator

The mastermind behind the genius idea is scientist, biophysicist and inventor Daniel Perlman. With an impressive 100 patents to his name, he carried out his three-year study at the Brandeis University in Massachusetts. By making a tiny change to the bottle, Perlman has created a solution to a huge problem in the wine world.

So, what’s the solution? By creating a groove around the neck of the body just beneath the top of the bottle’s lip, he has managed to stop the wine from dripping down the bottle. After a three-year study, watching countless slow motion videos of wine being poured, they found that drippage occurred when the bottle was full or nearly full.


The science behind it?

Streams of wine tend to curl backwards over the bottle’s lip running down the side of the bottle, this is because glass attracts water. The groove is roughly two millimetres wide and one millimetre deep, and prevents the wine from running down the bottle as the wine would have to travel upwards against the force of gravity to do so. Instead of running down the bottle, the wine will drip into the glass – rather than on your carpets! Previously wine pourers have been used in an attempt to tackle the problem, however they still weren’t able to combat the problem completely.

The invention was stumbled upon by accident, the groove was diamond-cut into the bottle to make a place for a Teflon band as Teflon is a good repellent of liquid. However, wine manufacturers don’t like to add outside elements to the bottles and decided not to implement the band. They attempted to pour the bottle without the band and found that it was effective in stopping the drip, the drip is unable to easily cross the groove so follows gravity and falls into the glass. What a revolutionary invention!

How to start a Wine Collection

Establishing a wine collection can prove very rewarding. Wine is truly unique, with numerous styles and vintages available, making it a natural fit for collecting, as there’s always something new to acquire. In order to help you get started, Ideal Wine Company explains how to start a wine collection.

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